My favorite line from Les Miserables is “to love another person is to see the face of God.”  And Les Mis in Paris, Texas did not disappoint!

The lyrics to the songs in the musical tell my favorite story.  A story of the contrast between grace and law and the power of forgiveness and love.  Just hearing the men begin their work song at the very beginning made me tear up because I knew what was coming.  It was hot in the theater, but I didn’t care.  My husband to ill to attend with me but he encouraged me to go on without him so I did.  Armed with tissues and bottled water for the dehydration that follows weeping, my friends and I went and it was so special.  One of our closest friends was playing one of the principal parts and several other close friends were in the performance as well.  We sat smack dab in the middle of a larger group of my dearest friends.  The whole night was magical.  Hot, but magical!

Yes, this is an art blog, but theater is art and touches our lives just like any other art form.  I am thankful that I live in a community that is full of such talent!

“One more more dawn!  One more day!  One day more!”

Lisa, Carol, Sydney (Mrs. Thenardier) and me

Lisa, Carol, Sydney (Mrs. Thenardier) and me